I Ship All Over the World – You Can Too (Any Non-Restricted Nation)

This is generally what I do for international shipping because its easiest for me.  I have a good relationship with my local mail carriers.  When I have packages going out I leave them a note in the mailbox.  They come up to the shop and pick them up.  It is not necessarily the cheapest, but it has worked out to be the easiest for me.

This is a message I shared on social media to help somebody with shipping to Canada.

Use USPS online to buy your shipping label with insurance. I think there is a lower insurance maximum limit on-line than in a brick-and-mortar post office.  I believe the automatic coverage (included in base price) is also higher than domestic.

You will need a Priority mailbox the right size, and a customs pouch. You can order them delivered online for free if you setup or have a USPS account, or you can pick them up for free at your local post office. First time, just pick them up at the post office. On-line shipping supplies orders can take a while.

Then print the copies of the forms, slap them in the pouch, and slap it on the box. I always print a separate label in large print with the delivery address to make it easier for the various carriers along the way.

WARNING: If you have a business PayPal account you can ship using their connection with Auctane/ShipStation, but they play games with their international and don’t tell you everything. They have tried to screw me on shipping costs with huge back charges every single time. I do use them for domestic because it is a little cheaper than using my USPS account directly.

I ship all over the world. Mostly by USPS Priority Insured.  The customer will pay VAT/Customs/Duties at their end.  As long as you tell them your shipping cost up front (that you charge them with sale), and that they will also have to pay their country’s fees when it arrives, they are generally happy to be able to get what I am selling.

Occasionally I will get complaints that some other company in the US ships to their country for “dirt cheap.” I don’t know how to do that, and I have looked into a lot of options.  For a small volume seller like me I do not think there is any substantially lower way to ship international. I count time and money equally.  For example, if I have to drive to a shipping depot every time I make a sale I have to spend time and shut down the shop to do so.  I’d have to make that up in the price somewhere.    The other thing is certain carriers blanket advertise that they cater to small business, but the reality is they mean the maximum legal definition of small business with a couple hundred employees.  Not a one man shop like me.

Not legal advice:   As long as you are shipping casting molds or low-pressure injection molds you do not need an export license last time I checked. High pressure injection molds are restricted. Bullet molds would also be restricted, but that’s not an issue here. Of course I am not an attorney, and this is not legal advice. LOL.  Fishing tackle is generally not an issue either.

I suggest before accepting an international order check with the state department to make sure they are not a trade restricted nation, and then check to see if that country restricts import of what you are selling.  The check to see if they USPS will insure Priority mail to that country.  For a few countries they will not insure Priority but may insure Express.  Make sure you check, because once you give a price to your customer it’s awfully hard to change the price.  It’s your job to make sure you can do what you say you can do.

There single sale limits for some things, but I have never had an issue with that.

Probably the first thing you should check is if whatever you are selling is export restricted.  For example, some chemicals, electronics, arms and arm support materials, and certain levels of technology in general are export restricted or require a special export license.

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