No Fishing, Project, Shooting Posts For a Little While (Soon I Hope)

I’ve been a little busy for the last few weeks.  My dad passed away, and my mom isn’t quite up to living on her own so we moved her in with us.  This comes with the usual expected emotional turmoil as well as quite a lot of additional responsibilities.  This hasn’t left a lot of time for fishing or writing about fishing.

I did hit the canal bank the other day for about five minutes, and I did catch a fish.  A little 9-10 inch small mouth.  I even saw several smallies about the same size darting from one calm water current break to another.  Five minutes was about all the time I had.

I’ve been trying to take care of my own business, deal with new additional household chores, manage bills and business for my dad’s estate, and take care of my mom.  It’s been busy.  I’ll be posting a few old articles for your reading pleasure if I can find copies of them.

I’m still planning to try to fish the YVRGC derbies this year, but I don’t think I’ll have much time to pre-fish.  The first one is coming up soon.

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