(CNC Molds Update)

Its Thanksgiving day and I’m out in the shop.  No its not a bad thing… not exactly.

I spent some time yesterday getting ready for the holiday, and the day before I spent probably 3 hours on the phone with a customer that will probably never spend a dime.  I had hope to spend that afternoon doing some cleanup in the shop.  I didn’t do much.  Emptied a couple trash cans.

Today I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, helped with the dishes, carried out some trash, and emptied off my pool table in case anybody wants to play later.  My wife announced the turkey was on and there was nothing much to do for a couple hours.  I asked if she minded if I headed out to do some cleanup in the shop.

I did do some cleanup in the front office portion of the workshop.  Then I came to an old CAD/CAM computer that won’t boot up.   New CPU, new motherboard, drives test in another machine, memory tested, and different video cards tried.  All the LEDs light up, fans spin, and it still doesn’t seem to boot up.  3-1/2 hrs later I pulled the drives back out, and hauled it out to the dumpster.

Sometimes people burn your time until its time to spend some money and then you never hear from them again.  Its annoying, but its part of doing business, and its my choice whether or not to tell them to call back later when they are ready to move forward with whatever it is they want me to make.  Its if anything even more frustrating when I burn my own time and have almost nothing to show for it.  Well, I did gain 3-4 square feet of floor space in the front office when I finally gave up and threw that computer in the trash.

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