You Do NOT Get What You Pay For

If you have followed me for very long you know I can do a lot of things and take on a lot of projects and repairs myself.  Its not because I’m cheap or because I don’t have any money… Okay sometimes it is.  Often however if I just worked at MY JOB I’d be money ahead to pay a pro to do those things for me.  They should be able to do it faster and the right way the first time.  That’s why they are a pro at whatever that task is right?  Not always.  Sometimes if you actually expect that they won’t work for you at all.

I am not climbing up anybody’s backside at the moment.  I was just reading today in a machining group about a fellow who is dealing with a few thousand dollars in repairs, towing, lost work, etc because he visited a place where they will not let you pump your own fuel.  The attendant pumped diesel into his gas vehicle.

Yesterday I fixed the air conditioning on my truck myself.

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