A Free Bag of Worms

In an online group somebody posted a picture of a pickup truck parked on the ramp at a local fishing hole.  This is what I had to say.

Its not the first I’ve seen people do that at the “primitive” launches. Most of the time I just go around, but a few times I’ve given folks a free bag of worms with a note written on them with a marker. Probably the worst I see happen modestly often is at another local fishing hole. After they launch they just pull straight up and park. It might not seem like they are “blocking” the ramp, but everybody else has to back around a corner into a narrow blind ramp to launch or load. They are definitely blocking the ramp. To be fair though I have seen vehicles parked like this much more often at the fishing hole you are talking about. Maybe next time give them a free bag of worms with a note on it that says, “DON’T BLOCK THE RAMP!”

Sometimes I think it’s just ignorance, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory manner. They honestly don’t know any better. A sort of parallel to that is, “We/I are the only ones out here.” I actually have a problem with that with one of my regular fishing buddies. Routinely he says, there is nobody else here when I tell him he should pull up to or stop at the tie-down/prep areas respectively. Even on some ramps with really good planning for stuff like that. Snapping or unsnapping the bow eye at the last/first moment is an exception. I have seen a boat come off the trailer before. If you think your boat and trailer is one that could happen to no reasonable person should begrudge you being at the ramp for an extra minute to take care of that, but then get out of the way. Don’t block the approach either. I don’t mind if you run to the back to double check you put in the bilge plug either. I’ve launched (more than once sadly) and forgotten my bilge plug.

In no case is it really reasonable for you to leave your tow/haul vehicle in front of the ramp or on the straight approach to the ramp except for the shortest time necessary to safely launch or load your boat.

… and if you are one of those people who got a free bag of worms left on your windshield, go back and read the note.

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