Yeti Vs Igloo (Updated 11/25/2023)

Originally posted 11/24/2023 Update at Bottom
These is not a scientific test.  Many factors can obviously sway the results.  This is just an anecdote of one side by side experience.

We had a new refrigerator delivered this morning.  Yesterday we emptied out the old one, and after filling our other fridge with everything that would fit I brought in two coolers from the shop.  A Yeti I won in a raffle, and a large Igloo party cooler.  I dumped the same amount of ice in the bottom of both coolers.  I’ve got a couple five gallon buckets I cut down to fit under the icemaker in my shop fridge.  Each one hold plenty of ice for a normal 1-2 day fishing trip depending on what cooler I use.

Each cooler was packed with meat, vegetables, bread, and misc stuff from the freezer of the old fridge.  We started with the Yeti.  When I got to the Igloo I decided its larger size needed more ice, so I emptied the icemaker trays from the kitchen fridge and bar fridge into it as well.

After the new fridge had a couple hours to cool down today I started emptying the coolers into its freezer section.  Meat on the ice in the Igloo was still frozen solid, but meat not resting on the ice had started to thaw on the outside a little.  Not enough to worry, but definitely enough to feel.  Everything stored in the Yet cooler was still frozen sold and if it was frosty on the outside before it was still frosty on the outside.

Here are the difference though which could spoil the result.

The Igloo is bigger.
The Igloo did get more ice than the Yeti.
The Yeti was packed full while the Igloo was not.

I think the Yeti gave a better result, but its not a scientific test.  What do you think?

Update a Day Later (11/25/2023)

This morning I finally got around to hauling the coolers outside and dumping the ice.  The Yeti had more ice remaining, although both coolers still had plenty of ice.  Either would be fine for a weekend fishing trip, but in my opinion the Yeti held cold/ice longer.  I don’t think I would own a Yeti due to its price if I hadn’t won one in a local charitable raffle, but its does seem to work better than the older Igloo plastic cooler.