Fortuna Pond (NO CAMPING?)

Update October 22nd 2023
I just saw a notice that the area around Fortuna Pond has been posted “NO CAMPING.”  This is a welcome change for locals who have often found it difficult or at least uncomfortable to get to the pond in the winter time.   Winter visitors would often encircle the pond with RVs making people who wanted to access the pond have to slip around or in between to access the pond.  In the past there was a limit line, but it didn’t help.  RVs would park just short of the barrier markers still partially blocking access to the pond.  There were complaints of holding tank dumping and fish kills in the past as well.  Another complaint was that some visitors would play musical camping spots far exceeding the maximum calendar stay limit.  I am sure many followed all the rules, didn’t dump their tanks illegally, and cleaned up after themselves, but unfortunately many others didn’t.  This is the result.

Original Post August 10th 2023
I’ll add more to this one at a later time.

Fortuna pond is noted for a decent bass population, has green sunfish as a forage base, and is stocked with hatchery trout in the winter time.

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