Redondo Pond

I have been told that the pond sets on three different lands. On the south shore the private property is occupied by an RV park. Don’t worry. There is easy public access to the pond on the North East side where there is a decent dirt boat ramp and a fishing dock.

The pond would be best fished from the water, but there is some limited shore access that can be fished. I don’t recall if its actually posted, but there are NO GAS MOTORS on this pond. I have been told, (but not verified) that if you keep your gas motor tilted out of the water you can use your electric. I think a mid size or small jon boat with an electric only might be best for fishing this water. If you are up for it you can certainly cover the whole pond with a float tube, kayak, or canoe as well.

I’ve seen photos of surveyed small jelly fish (in a jar of water) from this pond shown by AzGFD managers. The Redondo Pond has a reputation for having larger numbers of small bass, but somebody on the survey boat told me they did shock up a few 4-5 pounders on a survey so the potential for a fun fight is there. It has been stocked with rainbow trout in the winter time, but I have been told since it doesn’t seem to get utilized as much as other local ponds they do not stock as many trout in this one. I imagine that can vary from season to season. Like other ponds winter stockers probably won’t live long when the weather starts to warm up.

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