Local Irrigation Canals

Pretty much any main canal, and any medium canal that holds water year around will have fish. What about the signs? In Yuma county I’ve had no real issues fishing the canals banks and the only people I have heard who had were doing dumb things. If you race down the canal bank like a maniac you might have somebody complain. Swimming and boating in the canals is not allowed. Yes, this includes float tubes. Basically anything that could be considered dangerous is not allowed. I would think you could get in trouble driving your truck down the paved bike path in town as well. However, I’ve fished almost every canal in the area and never had much issue.

Here are some things that could still happen if you are not a douche bag and you are respectful.

  • You could have your license checked. I have had my license checked a couple times.
  • If you are on the part of one of the canals that cross the Indian reservation you have to have an Indian fishing license. If you do not they will likely make you buy one on the spot. I have never heard of anybody being cited. Just made to buy a license.
  • Potentially you could be asked to leave. One time back in the 1970s when the gate was open and we were fishing on the east side of the Gila Gravity near S24 / Imperial Dam road the MPs at YPG asked us to leave. I’ve never had any issue otherwise.

You should follow these guidelines.

  • Do not open any closed and locked barricades or gates.
  • Know the territorial boundaries like Indian or military reservation.
  • Don’t be a dirt bag.
  • Be respectful.
  • All fishing regulations still apply.
  • Don’t litter.

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