I Ordered A Second Badlands 12K Winch

If you have followed any of my adventures you know I’ve been getting my use out of an 8000lb Warn winch this year. I’ve loaded a couple 3/4 ton trucks for hauling, several weeks back my sons car, and recently rescued somebody stuck in the sand so I could get them out of the way to rescue the person they got stuck trying to rescue. The Warn is mounted on a hitch mount plate, and its been used on two different trailers and a couple different truck hitches. It’s really handy that way as I can pull the hitch pins and move it to whatever its needed on.

Heavy Chevy posing for a glory picture with her prize Ford she rescued.
Heavy Chevy posing for a glory picture with her prize Ford she rescued.
Truck Number Two Brought Home Safely

It’s been decent, but it’s had its issues.

I twisted the base plate its mounted on dragging a truck sideways to get it loaded better on the trailer, I’ve pushed it pretty close to its limit a couple times, and on the recovery I did a few weeks ago it started cutting out reeling in the cable. I have not looked at it yet to see what the problem is.

As you may know I bought a 12K Badlands winch to go on my Jeep that I have not gotten around to mounting as yet.

Before my last rescue I considered using the Warn on my Jeep and using the 12K Badlands as the “universal” multi mount. Today I used my Inside Track Club membership and a couple coupons to order a couple tool boxes for the shop and another Badlands 12K winch. I think if I get the problem with the Warn sorted out I’ll permanently mount it on the low deck flat bed, and make the second Badlands my universal mount utility winch that can go on anything. With a heavier mounting plate of course.

Yes, I bought the white ones. One for the big manual mill in the back, and one for the lathe. The tool carts I am using are just too restrictive to work out.

The price on the winch was a regular sale price to everybody. Its $299 right now on sale for the one with the steel cable. There is a 10% off coupon on any single item, which was applied to one of the two tool boxes I ordered, and my inside track special shipping price was less than ten dollars. The other day when I checked with just the two toolboxes it was almost $200. Not sure how it worked out that way, but I appreciate not having to drive into town, the low shipping cost, and the sales and discount prices. It was still a fair chunk of change, but now I can just wait for everything to arrive.

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