Who Made the Stock (OEM?) Battery for the 2017 JEEP JK Sport S

After 6 years the original battery in my Jeep finally died. Dang it! Only six years! Seriously I’ve bought a fair number of new vehicles in the last 25/26 years, and this is by far the longest the original battery has last in any of them. By about double. Arizona is hard on batteries. Most fail in three years or less. Replacements sometimes run a little longer. When I pulled the dead battery I intended to not the brand and “model or series,” but it only says in small print, “made for,” Johnson Controls. Okay Walmart battery it is for a replacement then.

I picked up the new battery a little while ago, and the Jeep is still dead. Its just to darned hot out there to install the new battery. I might just drive the truck until it cools off in December.

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