Wrenches And Sockets And Ratchets … Oh, My!

As I’ve posted before my dad had a lot of stuff which I am tasked with using, repurposing, or getting rid of. Things like a couple similar size generators side by side that both started on the first or second pull and ran appropriately with a load. (No, I didn’t scope them.)

I have just been going through his travel stuff and there are three or four or five fairly decent socket sets. Of course they are all missing 10mm, 9/16, and 14mm of something. LOL. I have managed to find or order fill in parts to complete most of them. Stanley, ChanneLock, and others. Also lots of old loose Craftsman stuff. Some of which I may use to complete some of my own kits. A friend gave me a Craftsman travel set of tools last year. I used them as my primary (plus extra stuff) tool kit on my recent truck recovery adventures, because the plastic case was still intact.

I haven’t even started on his main tool boxes in his shop yet. I haven’t been out to my folks place in a while, because I don’t have any place to put a lot of that stuff yet. I’m still putting away stuff from my last trip out there. Just making sure the bills are paid for now.

These are a few of the things I found in small toolboxes I did put in my shop.

Not sure if I have any use for the throwing knife or the pocket stones, but I may find some use for that inside mic set. I seem to recall checking the cylinders in my first car (67 Ford Cortina) with one of those or one like them. None of the Mitutoyo cases I have today look like that old red one.

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