Travel Tool Kit

I’ve got a pretty good travel tool kit my wife gave me for Christmas several years ago. It’s got enough tools it might qualify as a starter mechanics set. It’s one of the more complete all in one mechanics sets I’ve seen for a travel set. It’s also pretty heavy as you might imagine. For years I either kept it in the tool box or the back seat of my 07 2500HD. I took it out a few years ago because the plastic is falling apart. During my recent misadventure, Destructive Lock Nuts Suck,  I didn’t have it. I started to grab it, but the plastic was just to bad. I would have had to wrap my arms around it to carry it. Handle carry has long since gone the way of the dodo. Fortunately I did grab a smaller Craftsman travel kit a friend gave me a few months ago along with an assortment of loose tools that were dumped unceremoniously into the tool box in the bed along with an assortment of straps, chains, a farm jack, hammers etc etc…

I’d love to get that older mechanics set all reassembled in a new carry case of some kind. While I would still probably toss lots of other stuff in the truck I’d feel better embarking on an adventure with that set instead of the one I took. Any suggestions?

What will probably happen is a large gutless metal box with tools dumped in willy nilly, but I’d like to at least think of something better. Maybe I’ll just make a rope cradle for it. LOL.

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