The Afternoon Bite Has Started

One of my fishing buddies called me up yesterday and wanted to hit the local water.  I finished up the CAD/CAM for a custom mold for one of my customers, and I was at a stopping point waiting on feedback from another before wrap up.  I wasn’t quite ready to take either to the machines in the CNC Molds N Stuff Shop, but I’d gotten some real work done.  I said sure let’s go.

I fished only baits I made from molds I designed and manufactured right here in the shop.  I started with a fall color Square Back Minnow (it was already tied on) and followed up with a Quick & Dirty Swimbait (not currently listed on the website) on a bladed jig.  When my partner stuck one on a wacky rigged generic stick worm I snatched up a t-rigged weightless Club-O and the bite was on.  The Club-O easily got more bites and boated more fish than the “other” stick worm.

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I kind of lost count, but I caught easily over a dozen fish on the Club-O.  At one point I had caught nine fish on the SAME Club-O.  I just kept rerigging it on the hook around the tears.

As the shadows lengthened I considered picking up a Curly Buzz Frog, but I was getting bit very steadily on the Club-O.  When my partner started getting whacked on a popper, I picked up the Square Back Minnow again.  This time throwing a similar bait fish color to the Club-O I had been casting earlier.  I skipped it into the tulies and twitched it out.  I got bit both on the surface and below the surface.  It worked just like one of the ways I have fished it in the past.  My partner commented that he fishes soft jerk baits, but he had never seen anybody fish it quite that way before.  I was fishing it kind of like I sometimes fish a frog.  Skip it in and twitch it out.

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As the shadows started to reach across the lake I switched over to a Curly Buzz Frog and got bit several more times putting a couple more nice fish in the boat.

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Between the two of us we easily caught over 25 fish in just a couple hours.  Probably over 30.

For those who may have never seen the Square Back Minnow mold offered for sale before, that’s because it hasn’t been… until today.  I just added it to the CNC Molds N Stuff website this morning.  There is a very affordable 5 cavity version as well as a 10 and 20 cavity version for those who want to make more baits faster.  Of course the Curly Buzz Frog and the Club-O molds are available in several sizes as well.


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