So Far Today…

So far today I haven’t really done much.  Some is fishing related, however.  I spent some time with machines running in the background repairing a couple of my favorite rods.  A flipping stick that needed a new tip top, and a multipurpose rod I really like needing a new tip top and a new double foot guide. Yah, that’s about it.  I want to respool all my flipping sticks… well the four (+1) I plan to have int he ProCraft for fishing derbies anyway.  I already respooled the +1, but that’s my punching rod.  I may have over done it, but I spooled it with 100lb braid.  I’m torn between 50 and 65 for the other four.  I can definitely pitch further with the thinner 50, and I have almost 500 yards of the thinner Beyond Braid 8x in 50 lb on hand.  If I go with 65 I either have to buy more line or use the old regular thickness PowerPro.  I have a couple bulk spools of that stuff.  The thing is I have not really tested how I feel in the field about Beyond Braid 8X yet.

The machines running in the background where correcting the finish quality and weed guard base pin length on a custom jig mold.   It was all screwy because they sample hooks came from a bad batch, and the neck angle 5-7 degrees off the advertised angle.  More than 1 or 2 degrees can be to much for a close tolerance jig mold.  5+ degrees is a lot.  I talked to the rep for the hook company yesterday and he assured me it was just a bad batch of hooks.  If a customer winds up with some of that batch he will replace them.  Fortunately if it doesn’t work out there is an alternative hook from another manufacturer that will also fit in the mold.   Dealing with that ate up a lot of my afternoon yesterday, and as you can infer from the context… some of my time today.

2:48PM…  Well back to work.

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