Bob’s Tips for Boaters #12 – Its a PUSH Pole Not a PRY Pole

Many of us have a push pole for area where its more practical to pole than to motor.  Flat’s anglers often use a push pole to avoid stirring up silt as they chase shallow water trophies.  I use one quite often to help me get into and out of tight spots when fishing.  You probably own one, or know somebody who does.  Here is the thing.  It’s called a “push pole.”  It is not a pry bar, and most really won’t hold up if you use it for levering your boat instead of pushing it.    When somebody does that it flexes, and even bends.  I’ve had to unbend my professionally made telescoping push pole in order to collapse it back down to fit in the locker.  When I had one break a few years ago I wondered if those stresses maybe helped shorten its life a little.  Please remember to PUSH with it.  It’s not a prybar or a lever.

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