Fishing Buddies

Fishing Buddies

     Nothing in life is worth as much as a good partner. Whether its the significant other you spend the rest of your life with, the best friend who gets up in the middle of the night to help you when you did something stupid, or that fishing partner that is always ready to go.

     I’ve met a number of my fishing buddies through fishing tournaments.  I know that seems like a more serious angling adventure, but it has worked that way.  Most of the people I have taken fishing on a fun day are people I met tournament angling.  Some through Bassmasters back when it was a Pro Am format club and now through the new Yuma Pro Am club.

     I’ve even met a few new fishing buddies by posting on the forums here and asking if anybody wants to fish a tournament or two as my back seater on the river.

     Many people don’t fish tournaments for a variety of reasons.  They have done it before and don’t care for one thing or another about it.  Some are a little leery of the competition and worry about not doing well enough.  I took up tournament fishing to meet new people to fish with and learn something about fishing the area.  I have learned a lot and met several new fishing partners, but more importantly I’ve met a couple people I call friends as well. People that can call me in the middle of the night if they needs some help, and I think I can do the same.

    I have even met and fished with a couple people that were just asking about fishing this area, and I just invited them to go.  One particular guy kinda freaked out about it.  He asked if he could bring a friend.  Afterwards he told me he was a bit worried about being asked on the river by some guy he had never met before.  A little intelligent caution certainly doesn’t hurt either.  How have you met dome of your best fishing buddies?

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