Punching Is Simple

I got out the other day with a buddy of mine. We took his boat so I had to fish his pace. He caught five or six fish using various methods. I had a nip on a club-o And lost what felt like a pretty good fish on a curly buzz frog, but i only boated two fish. Both came punching which is something I didn’t actually do very much of. I was playing around with flipping but not much was coming out of the cover. The bank’s We were fish.ing tended to be fairly shallow and there was a lot of grass. I tried swimming various baits in and out of the openings in the grass and just dropping stuff to the bottom in those openings but it didn’t do anything. Finally I stuck on 3/4 ounce, tungsten sinker, which is probably not my favorite thing to do because it tires out my arm and I followed it with a five inch club-o. Then I just started using it to punch through the grass a few feet out from the bank, where it was a few feet deeper and I stuck a couple fish.

Like I said flipping with a 3/4 ounce sinker is not one of my favorite things to do, So I didn’t do it for very long. When my partner was ready to move on to other thing, so was I.

Water surface, temperatures were in the eighties, so it probably was too much to expect to flip any fish out of the shallow water anyway. Finding them under the grass just makes sense.

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