Fishing Intel Gleaning HERE – Fishing Report From Mittry Lake

Okay, posts about my attitude on forward facing sonar, and personal trials and tribulations working on trailers I am sure are not what you are here for.  You visit this site for the fishing intel you can glean or scavenge.  Here it is.  My fishing report from the last weekend’s derby on Mittry Lake

We caught ten keepers.  It was a slow grind for us starting out with a keeper on a bladed jig for my partner YumaBasser for our first fish of the day.  I missed a fish back in a tree shortly after on a Club-O.  He came far enough out of the water to see it would have been a keeper.  I missed one on a Curly Buzz Frog.  Finally, I connected flipping an RT45 back in the trash.  Way back in the trash.  I had to take the boat in a ways to land it.  Turned out to be our big fish of the day.

Apx 5-3/4 Click Image For Larger View

We thought it was bigger.  I guess my fish eye is off.  I said easily over 6.  YumaBasser said more like seven.  The derby scale said about 5-3/4 (I forget exactly).  I didn’t argue since everybody weighs their fish on the same scale, but I did check it myself on a Cul-M-Rite scale back at the boat before I released it.  Twice.  First time said 5.72 and the second said 5.84.  Yeah, My calibrated fish eyeball is way off.

We had a limit fairly early, but all day the majority of our bites came grinding that flip bite.

The majority of our fish the rest of the day came on the RT45, but my partner did smack 3 keepers on another creature bait.  Our 3 biggest came on the RT45 along with three more no help keepers.

The majority of all bites came back in the trash flipping.

We had no practice, and no intel.  We just started out grinding and kept at it all day.

THE RT45 is one of two lures I created specifically with Mittry Lake in mind.  I always got bit on beaver style baits in a couple colors there, but I always had a hard time with the bait fouling the hook set.  For a while Cabelas made a knockoff beaver style bait called the Aqua Glow Grub that worked much better for me, but they quit selling it a long long time ago.  I made the RT45 and the smaller RT35 as a beaver profile bait that doesn’t foul the hookset.  The ribs give it the wider profile the fish like, and they collapse easily so it doesn’t foul the hook on the hookset.  The RT45 can be fished as it comes out of the package or the tail can be split.  If the tail is split the ridges force the twin tails to separate on the fall giving it that defensive looking posture that triggers big bass.

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