Bob’s Tips For Anglers #1 – Go When You Can

Bob’s Tips For Anglers #1
Go When You Can

If you only go fishing when everything is perfect, the tide is right, people confirm its going to be good for you, and the stars align you won’t go very often.  As a result you won’t have very many great days fishing.

“Oh wah! Its hot!”  If you truly can not tolerate any heat for any time I am very sorry for you.  I couldn’t imagine being trapped inside 50% of the year.  More in some parts of the world.  If you can’t take it for very long then don’t go for very long.  Go in the morning or evening when its a little cooler.  Drink lots of water.  Wear loose fitting light clothing.  Get a big wide brim hat.  Go when you can.

“Oh wah! Its cold!”  Well I’m not a fan of cold and some kinds of weather are dangerous, but if its just cold invest in some decent clothing for the temperature and go fishing.  It sure beats sitting home having your brains sucked out through your eyeballs in front of the big flat panel brain sucker box.  In most but the worst cold weather its possible to be reasonably comfortable outdoors.

“Oh wah!  Its hard to control the boat when its breezy.”  Read the conditions, put good batteries in your boat, fish into the wind.  Learn the area so you know where you can get out of the wind and still fish if it gets to be more than your current skills will handle.  The more you go the better your skills will get.

“Oh wah!  My boat is to small.”  Go to smaller waters.

“Oh wah! My boat is to big.”  Go to bigger waters.

“Oh wah! What if I get stuck on a sandbar.”  Keep a book, a lantern, and a couple meals in your boat.

“Oh wah! I don’t have a boat”  Fish from the shore.

“Oh wah!  There is to much brush along  the shore.”  Push through it and be glad there is so much shoreline cover to hold fish you can reach.

“Oh wah!  I don’t want to work that hard.”  Hire a guide or go on a charter.

“Oh wah! I don’t have any money.”  Get a job, do chores, or start a business.

“Oh wah! I am to busy in my business.”  Go when you can

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