UPDATED – MaxCuatro VS BeyondBraid 8x – Reduced Diameter Braided Fishing Line

When I first wrote this comparison I mistakenly had it in my mind that the name of the braid was Beyond8.  It’s Beyond Braid, and the exact line name is 8x.

First off the Beyond8 is significantly less expensive than the MaxCuatro.  I bought some a while back and hung it on the wall, but I have not yet done any more than that.

I have been using MaxCuatro for a while now and it performs very well.  I don’t think it skimps on lb test rating to meet its diameter either.  I have broken off a few times unexpectedly, but only when I was using old line and hadn’t retied in a while.  The extra thin diameter does give a little more casting and pitching distance.  It also catches the wind less than regular size braided line the same lb test.  I’ve been known to use the stuff for a year only cutting off a few feet at the end as needed.  In my opinion it performs as well as any premium braid, and its thinner.  We all know PowerPro is a little pricey.  MaxCuatro from PowerPro is more so.

Beyond8 is a braid I have heard very little about from other anglers, but I ran across a reference to its small diameter somewhere.  I think the writer said it wasn’t quite as small as MaxCuatro, but its lower price makes it appealing to try.  I didn’t get the impression they had tried it themselves.  I decided to look it up and see.  Right now a quick check shows a 500 yard spool of MaxCuatro 20lb green is $85, and a 500 yard spool of the “same size” Beyond8 is only $32.95.  Its less than half the price of MaxCuatro.  A lot less than half.  Of course if it turns out to be good skookum, and every Tom, Dick and Harry decide to buy it the price may well go up.

In my post (#2) on Getting Ready For The Coming Season (2024 Part 2) I mentioned that Beyond8 is slightly larger than the MaxCuatro, but they are both reduced diameter braids.  While I was in the back of the shop spooling up some rods I took a look at the numbers they provide on the package.  MaxCuatro 20lb claims a diameter of 0.19mm and 20Lb Beyond8 claims a diameter of 0.20mm.  That is one hundredth of a millimeter difference.  For those who don’t gronk metric measurements 0.01mm/25.4=.0003937 inches.  The difference in diameter according to their packaging is less than four ten thousandths of an inch.

If you think that difference in diameter makes any difference at all you are a better angler than I am.  Well, you probably are a better angler than I am, but you get my point.

Here is the kicker.  I know this is subjective, but the Beyond8 feels smoother between my fingers.  Noticeably smoother.  If that’s a real difference that means it may go through the guides easier, and it may go through the air easier (catch the wind less).

I think there is just one unit of measure left.  Durability.  I haven’t fished it for a season yet, but I plan to.  I’m going to put 65lb Beyond8 on my flipping sticks, 15lb Beyond8 on the rod I use for Curly Buzz Frog Mini.  I have 30 and 50 as well to put on some other rods.  I hope it lasts as well through the season, and even it is less durable the question will be, “Is it more than 50% less durable?”

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