Plastisol Hand Injectors

I have used a number of injectors over the years.  I’ve made a fair number myself, although I do not sell injectors.  Bass tackle, Del-Mart, Jacob’s Baits, etc etc etc…  I even started out using a meat marinade injector back in the beginning.  For the most part I have liked the ones from Bass Tackle as good consistently made injectors that work, but there are times when their work load (like my own) is so heavy they don’t have any for sale for a while.  As a result people have tried other brands.  There was a brand called Excellent or Quality (or something like that) that stepped into the gap in the market, but more than a few people reported they didn’t like them much.  I do not know if they are still around.

Another brand popped up a few years ago.  They are a job shop, but they got into a little side line of making injectors.  A customer of mine brought some of their stuff over to my shop to be modified.  Their first prototypes blending blocks had nozzles that were a little over size.  It was just a few minutes for me to modify it and it was good to go.  You might think that I’d say they were bad because of that, but no.  I would not.  I contacted them via social media and told them the nominal dimension (0.625in) and the working dimensions (0.620 male & 0.630 female) I use so that most injectors will work with most molds.  They seemed to be very appreciative and said they would correct it before the first production run.  That is not enough by itself for me to say, “These guys are good,” but its a good start.  A few years have passed.  I’ve seen few complaints.  Product seems to be available and ship quickly, and I’ve seen overall positive feedback from users.  When there is a rare negative it seems to be very quickly corrected.  Today I ordered some more injectors for my bait bench from them.  That company is N2 Manufacturing.

I can make injectors.  I know how to do a good job.  Its not worth it with the equipment I currently have for me to make them for sale.  It takes me longer than I would like.  I decided I could use a few more on the bench when I am making baits for testing various things so I ordered some from a company that seems to have the respect of the industry.  N2 Manufacturing.  I’ll let you know how they work out for me.  They will get used right next to my ancient Bass Tackle Injectors that still work just fine.


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