Mittry Lake

I first experienced Mittry Lake in the 1970s. We went for a swim and at one point something decided to bite me on the legs… whatever it was left ring like very mild red bite marks about an inch or so in diameter on my legs. The redness disappeared quickly, but it was a bit disconcerting at the time.

I caught fish in the Gila Gravity canal nearby long before I ever caught a fish in Mittry Lake. In fact I don’t think I caught anything in Mittry Lake until I got my own bass boat and started fishing a little more seriously around 2003. It can be a heart breaker. I’ve pounded it with every bait I have and every technique I know to go home without a bite, and I’ve had days when I caught 30-40 nice fish in a couple hours hardly moving the boat. Its got a variety of species and potential trophies from double digit bass to 40 plus pound flatheads.

Its definitely worth fishing, but much of the lake is inaccessible from shore. Float tube, kayak, canoe, and bass boat are all great options, but there are some decent shore fishing opportunities as well. Even several man made dirt fishing jetties sticking out into the lake. If you go, let me know how you did.

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