The Eclipse Over Niagara Falls

An associate, dare I say friend, sent me this photo.  Les Neidig is the now retired owner of Able Security.  (I’m the partially retired owner of The Security Consultant).  We still chat from time to time on one of the security groups.  It came up that while I was neck deep in alligators he was taking an “Eclipse Vacation” to watch the solar eclipse on April 8th 2024 over Niagra Falls.  After finding one of the last parking spots they headed out and setup to take the pictures of a lifetime.  The clouds didn’t cooperate.  This may not be the picture he was hoping for, but its an awesome picture nonetheless.

Eclipse over Niagra Falls April 8th 2024 - Picture taken by Les NeidigPicture taken by Les Neidig – April 8th 2024 – Solar Eclipse Over Niagra Falls

Did I say they got one of the last parking spots around?

A lot of folks came out to see the sun go out….


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