Coming Events

I’ll be dragging Bar Hopper over to the shop soon to do a first unboxing and assembly video (maybe a couple) of the Twister surface drive.  The new motor to go on it was ordered a few days ago.

I am about 75% decided to take the 50HP Merc off The Tin Can and install it on Whisker Seeker.  Maybe not right away.  I will video that for sure if I get to 100% certain.

I have carpet for the ProCraft 210.  Maybe someday I’ll have time to install that.  (Video?  Who knows?)

I am working on an idea for a comparison video on the action, rigging, and (maybe) fishing with the four (4) different size Curly Buzz Frogs that now exist.  Getting this late int he year a topwater bite may be harder to find so I may not finish this until Summer 2024.  Maybe a two part video, with part one being a recap of rigging and action, and part two being a day or two of fishing it.

I have an idea for a different way to fish a tube bait I may video.  I’ll certainly tell about it.

The shop is busy.  At this moment the “stock” orders are caught up (I shipped them all out on Monday), but the custom jobs list is starting to fill up again.  New custom jobs that pay today might not get done until March or maybe April.  I want to do some videos on the creative process of going from idea to finished bait, but video always makes everything take longer.

Shop related:

I will be doing a comparison of my new WEN belt grinder and my old worn out Harbor Freight belt grinder.  I don’t know what my conclusion will be, so we will both be surprised.

I still have not uncrated the WEN bench top mini mill for the series on making useful molds with a cheap manual POS mini mill.  I’m actually waiting on completing a work bench project that will increase work space in the back shop.

I’ve decided that I am going to fix the Hurco KMB1 CNC mill atleast one more time.  There is no way I can afford a new machine in its class right now, and it would sure be handy to have.  To be fair the new manual South Bend mill has picked up a lot of the work prepping mold blanks I was using the Hurco for.  Sometimes its just as fast to turn the handles as to press the start button.

I got rid of my old Lincoln AC stick welder.  I gave it to a retired welding instructor.  I can still stick weld with another machine I have, but no more buzz box.  I am thankful for the space under the welding table to get one of my other welders off the floor.

Right now?  I am working on clearing the center bay in the shop so I can park the ProCraft inside for the first time.

If I have time I need to repair the big air compressor in the back AGAIN.  I probably haven’t posted much here about the ongoing saga of the Ingersol Rand compressor in the back of the shop I bought from Tractor Supply, but I absolutely do not recommend it or the third party extended warranty insurance they offer.  I need to get to work, but I may add a post about that in the future.

Oh, yeah, some of you may be waiting on me to install the Badlands 12K winch on the Jeep.  I will and I’ll try to do a better video than the back bumper install.  Of course if I don’t get the jeep stuck I don’t need it right?  I’m actually debating a smaller winch on the Jeep and putting the 12K on my gooseneck flatbed trailer.

New shocks for the Jeep.  They aren’t “bad” yet, but one in the rear has seeped a little after a hard pounding due to a bad tire.  I decided to proactively replace the shocks.  I have new Rancho shocks for it all the way around, but its a low priority job and video for now.

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