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Join Rumble. Its maybe not 100% uncensored, but its 500% better than YouTube.

You might notice when I post a fishing, tackle making, etc video here I always post the link from one of my Rumble channels.  Most of the time I also post the exact same video on the same or similar name YouTube channel.  YouTube generates more traffic for me without my promoting them than Rumble, but Rumble doesn’t practice the level of censorship that YouTube does.  They have some rules, but overall they are a better free speech platform by a lot.  In fact because they allow such free speech they are not just banned, but they are blocked in many countries.

Yes, there is more content on YouTube.  They have been around longer.  If there are more subscribers on Rumble there will be more creators.  Rumble treats their creators better.  I started earning revenue from day one.  Okay, not enough for a pay out yet, but I don’t post videos to earn money directly.  I post them to promote my business and my hobbies.

My channels on Rumble:
JAGG (Just Another Gun Guy)

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