NOT AFTER ITS BEEN OPENED – 10 Year Old Flotation Foam

Some of you might remember this test of 10+ year old 2 part flotation foam? I originally posted this video 2 years ago.  I can tell you that while it might have been fine after 10-12 years on the shelf unopened, when I opened it today to actually start pouring some foam into Whisker Seeker two years later it was no longer a liquid.  One can was basically a solid.  I wedged a lot of the original foam blocks into the boat, planning to add some new foam to cement them in place and increase the flotation a little.   I was in the boat with mixing cups and a can for mixing.  FAIL.  I guess I’ll be ordering NEW 2 part pourable flotation foam shortly.

It might have lasted 10 plus years sealed, but it didn’t last another two after was been opened.  Yes, I had sealed then down tight with pliers too.  Oh well.

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