The Sole – Repairing the Sub Structure – Another Boat Project That May Never Be Finished – Part 5a

The continuing saga of getting “Whisker Seeker” back into shape to hit the river. (VIDEO)

CREATING THE VIDEO ITSELF IS A LOT OF WORK, and I don’t make videos for a living. I would appreciate it if you would like the video and subscribe to the channel so I know if you have any value in what I am trying to do here.

Gary was my friend, but I never actually wanted the boat. I told him that when he was still alive. He almost bent my arm to get me to take it. It was not the price that sold me. It was the tone in his voice that convinced me to take it finally. I want it now because it was his and I valued our friendship. The days (yes literally days) of work boiled down to this 32 minute video were hot and miserable and tiring. You can see at one point my tools were burning my hands from the sun, and I had to go get some gloves. At the end you can see me standing there talking to the camera to tired to realize the camera was pointed at my belly button. I have more days like that before I float it again, and days more before its done… if it ever is.

I am restoring the boat to usefulness to honor my friendship with Gary and I plan to use it for many years to come. I have other boats. I could have spent those days fishing, but I want to catch fish out of Whisker Seeker, and remember my friend.

The videos are for everybody else who knew Gary. Fishing buddies, friends, and family. If you have any appreciation for the videos, even it its only to skim through and skip the end, please like and subscribe so I know its worth the time spent positioning camera, waiting for batteries to charge, and the hours (yes hours) spent editing days of work down to 32 minutes to share with you. 

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