Double Gun Project – MAC SXS Shotgun – manufacture nat. d’armes de chat

One of my projects is this double 16 ga “MAC SXS Shotgun – manufacture nat. d’armes de chat” (C&R) action I bought a while ago. Stock and action is complete. No barrels, block, or forend. I found a good deal on a couple unfinished generic barrels a while back and put them in the safe next to the action. I don’t plan to be a shotgun builder so I didn’t want to buy an expensive reamer for it. Besides 16 ga isn’t that common anymore. I also didn’t want to start building the mono block (still debating clamshell or mono block) and foot or designing the spacers for the rib until I had the barrels reamed to size. It’s just sat there all lonely in the safe for all this time. A sad pile of parts.

Brownell’s had a long forcing cone reamer as out of stock ever since. Its been a while now. I could buy one elsewhere for 3 times the price. That would be great if I was going to do more than two barrels, but I’m not. I even consider looking up SAMMI specs and just making a d-bit reamer, but the value wasn’t worth the time. Especially since I’d probably mess up the first one and have to make it twice.

I just got a notice that Brownell’s had theirs in stock again for the same great price. I logged on to see if my C&R license discount applied, and not only did it apply there was a discount code automatically applied too. The total including tax, shipping, and insurance was less than the original price. I got a friction burn on my fingers getting my credit card out of my wallet. In a few days I’ll be the proud owner of a second shotgun barrel reamer (I already have a 20 from a different project).

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