FREE BAITS – It’s Not a Trick

Want one? Take one.
Want two? Ask Edgar.
Want More? Buy the mold and make as many as you want.

I’ll be taking a box of soft plastic baits over to The Hide-A-Way sometime in the next month or so.  Wander in when you get a chance and see if they are there yet.  I may not even announce when I do it, so you will have to just stop in and see if it’s there yet… or if you waited to long and they ran out.

I think the first time it will be the new Hex Worm.  It’s Not a Trick.  If you want one.  Just take one.  If you want two (the box will have five sizes and a few different colors) ask Edgar.  If you are a regular customer or you are buying stuff while you are there anyway, he might let you take a second one.  If you want more buy the mold from me and make as many as you want.

It’s a great bait.  It shoots fairly easily, and it catches fish.

Buy the Mold:

Making some of the baits:

Video: The HEX WORM – First Shot – It’s Not A Trick

It catches fish:

The Hex Worm’s First Time On The Water – It Really isn’t a “Trick.”



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