Friday, January 6, 2023

The Imperial Division (Imperial Reservoir)

When most people who don’t live in Yuma say they are going to the river at Yuma or they are going to Martinez they mean they plan to spend some time on the Imperial Division of the Colorado River. [Read more…]

Betty’s Kitchen (The Laguna Division)

If you go to the place called Betty’s Kitchen you probably won’t be fishing the area most locals will when they say they are going to Betty’s Kitchen. [Read more…]

Council Avenue Pond (Somerton)

This is an established pond in the park in Somerton (not far from Yuma.) [Read more…]

West Wetlands

West Wetlands is a nice decent size park complex with play areas, picnic areas, and at the east end there is a fishing pond. [Read more…]


If you want a nicely manicured “park” pond with a paved liesurely strolling path this is the one for you. [Read more…]

Redondo Pond

I have been told that the pond sets on three different lands. On the south shore the private property is occupied by an RV park. Don’t worry. There is easy public access to the pond on the North East side where there is a decent dirt boat ramp and a fishing dock. [Read more…]

Mittry Lake

I first experienced Mittry Lake in the 1970s. We went for a swim and at one point something decided to bite me on the legs… [Read more…]

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Local Irrigation Canals

Pretty much any main canal, and any medium canal that holds water year around will have fish. [Read more…]

Fortuna Pond

I first stumbled across Fortuna pond purely by accident around 91/92. I was just out for a ride on my motorcycle [Read more…]