Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Browning Buck Mark #1 - New Gun Day

Use this link to watch directly on the Rumble hosting site:
https://rumble.com/v … mref=1sqt4y&mc=42lue

For those who don’t want to watch the video I did a basic check on the gun today. There was no buffer pad in the gun. The rear screw for the site base rail was loose and definitely had a funky incorrect washer. The front screw had no washer, and was held in with some gunk on the threads. The barrel was a little loose, and it was probably fired that way. The tapered socket in the barrel lug was a little beat up. On a positive note when I snugged down the screw the barrel snugged into place easily.

I’ve got a range day scheduled for Thursday with one of my older friends. (I want to get him out of the house periodically for more than just grocery shopping). This gun won’t be going with me. I am thinking I’ll take a couple old RGs and the Heritage I got in the pawnshop 11 junk gun lot buy last year. The idea is to test the premise that they will shoot .22 mag more accurately than .22LR. I’ve got 4 or 5 different brands/models of magnums on the shelf and maybe a dozen different LRs. I’ll compare over all, and whichever round shoots best in each gun. Well best for me.

There is one more LR/MAG revolver in the junk gun lot, but I haven’t finished repairing it yet. When I do I may do a follow up on that.

Oh, yeah. I did also a basic primer function test. Pulled the bullet and dumped the powder on a couple rounds. Of course it didn’t cycle, but it made a nice pop and the spent cases ejected when I racked the slide.

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