Sunday, April 16, 2023

Dropshot for Pan Fish

Drop shot is my favorite way to fish for panfish. I like the 1.5 inch curly tail grubs like these:

https://www.cncmolds … curly-tail-grub.html

I use two hooks about 8 inches apart and play with the tag length until I find the level and color they like best. You can catch some big bull bluegill and massive redear this way. I’ve found the panfish are more keyed by color, but generally smoke sparkle catches panfish, and watermelon catches bass. Matching a local hatch (red/pink snail eggs, white fry, etc) can really make the bite crazy. I’ve caught so many fish and had so much fun a using this rig I made a worm/grub just for a bigger hook when the bass are on them:

https://www.cncmolds … ty-or-26-cavity.html

Please share this information with all your pan fishing friends