Saturday, April 1, 2023

4 Baits I Got Bit With On My Last Day Off - (Fishing With Dave)

Dave digging out the good stuff.

My good friend Dave Willhide is selling his boat. We decided to get at least one last trip in before he lets it go. We started with replacing a trailer bunk which went faster and easier than I expected it would. Then we were off.

Dave let me get a couple fish ahead. I was fishing “almost” exclusively baits from my molds and they worked. It wasn’t on fire, but it was a good day for us for Mittry lake.


Then Dave put one in the boat.


… and another one


We caught fish mostly flipping, but a couple bites came on weightless stick worms. I nailed a couple on the infamous Square Back Minnow. Its actually the first time I have fished it in years. I never made the mold available for sale, and I’ve since made a less crude and more refined jerk bait mold called the Flu-Ko.

Square Back Minnows

I would have thrown the Square Back Minnow a lot more, but the wind put it beyond my skill level to do easily.

Dave stuck one on a reaction bait. I flipped one or two on the RT45 creature bait, and of course I caught some on Club-Os. I got bit on both the 4 inch and the five inch with most coming flipping the 5inch into and along tulies with a flipping stick behind a 3/8 pegged tungsten.

Between us we boated a dozen fish. As I said, mostly flipping. All the fish we caught were keepers ranging from 1-1/4 pound to almost 5 pounds. We also missed a few bites, and one I thought I lost on a stump was still there when Dave brought the boat up so I could recover my hook.

It was a pretty tough day really with a cool to cold wind blowing most of it. I have to tip my hat to Dave’s boat control. He kept me within my pitching distance of the targets I wanted to hit all day long and managed hit the right spot himself plenty of times. Thank you Dave.

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