Tuesday, March 28, 2023

What is your favorite fluorocarbon fishing line? COMMENTS OPEN

Is it limp and castable? Is it stiff and strong?

Comments are open for now.

A long long time ago… My favorite fluorocarbon was Seaguar Carbon Pro. I used it for several years, but I did change it out often. I used 8, 10, and 12lb all the time. The 12 was very tough and strong for dragging fish out of medium to light cover. The 10 was decent for casting light baits, and the 8 was awesome for finesse application. Sometimes I used the 8 for casting light baits as well when I really needed the distance to target spooky fish in clear water.
While I was using it and it was still readily available a sales rep gave me a couple of spools of Maxima fluorocarbon, and except for being a tad stiffer than the Carbon Pro I liked it quite a lot. It worked every bit as good, with very marginally less castability.

Well, Carbon Pro is no more, and I have run out of my bulk spools a long time ago. I’ve tried the other names from Seaguar and I just don’t care for them. Stiff, weak, memory, just don’t like them.

I’m tempted try to hunt down some Maxima, but locally they only have “leader” spools. 27 yards just isn’t going to cut it for me. Not for the things I used it for.

I should add that I have had bad luck and unexpected break offs with Vanish. I’m not interested in trying it again.

What is your favorite fluorocarbon line? What do you use it for in which line tests?

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