Thursday, March 16, 2023

CLUB-O You should really check it out.


You should really check it out. Its may be the most versatile bait mold I make.

It started out long before I was in the mold business. I wanted a stick worm that wasn’t just another Senko ™ knockoff. Its turned into one of my universal fall back baits. I make it with heavy salt and fish it a bunch of different ways. If I could have only one soft plastic this would be it.

* It punches heavy cover texposed or texas rigged like a champ with much less weight than just about any creature bait. It is a killer flipping bait.

* It fishes weightless as a cast and drop bait. I’ll put it head to head against any other stick worm even though it isn’t just another stick worm.

* It works well as a swimbait on a weighted swimbait hook. Sometimes just burning it through the water produces violent strikes other times a lazy jerking retrieve does the trick.

* It gets some massive blow ups with the rod held high to wake it along the surface. Yep. I sometimes use it as a topwater too.

* Drop shot

* Ned head

* Wacky rigged

There is 4+ inch and a 5 inch version, and a customer recently paid me to make a 6 inch version. If you want a mold just place your order and I’ll add yours to the cut list.

… and now for the finesse guys there is even a 3 inch version.

A&B Tackle and Tennesse River Tackle among others sell most (all between them) sizes. If they don’t make your color or your weight formula. Just ask them.

If you want to keep your colors secret just buy the molds and make your own, or if you have a tackle business feel free to sell as many as you can make.


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