Monday, February 20, 2023

How You Ask Matters

The Internet seems to have spawned some real assholes, but they were always there in real life too.

“Hey can you guys help me with this?”

“Sure, ‘try this,’ ‘do this,’ ‘check this.’

“That’s good stuff KEEP IT COMING!!!!!”

“Um, how about ‘Thank you,’ and, ‘is there anything else you care to share?’ instead of ordering us to ‘KEEP IT COMING!’”

“Thats a YOU PROBLEM BUB! I just want help and information and if you aren’t willing to share without even a semblance of appreciation then you are being an asshole.”

“Project much?” BLOCKED

You don’t get to ask for help and be a pushy jerk too. Okay, maybe in your mind the world is here to serve you, but if I spend my time helping you atleast be polite and say thank you instead of being an entitled douchebag. .