Sunday, February 5, 2023

Why Aren’t You Fishing Today

I know why I’m not fishing today.

You might note this post is in the tackle making area. I’m finishing up a custom order of tube molds. Yeah, no matter how many standard sizes I offer somebody always wants something different. If they pay for my time I’ll make them.

It was a comedy of errors really. First one of the sizes they wanted wouldn’t fit the cavity count on the material I had planned. I was able to go with one less and give them an extra mold, but it ate some time emailing and waiting for a reply. There were a couple going on.

Then I found the reamer for the insert pins on one size of the molds in my over under set was under. Way under. Oops. I ordered another reamer, and it was undersize out of spec as well. Finally I got one that was the right size, and started reaming those molds for the insert pins. The pins still didn’t fit. I measured the holes and they were right on spec. Then I measured the pins. The fracking pins were over sized by a thousandth. Exactly the amount of clearance I should have had.

I got lucky and found a reamer just about the right size in a big lot of used reamers I bought a while back. Finally yesterday I was able to ream those six molds out to size, and fit end caps to them. Today I am standing in the shop (well at the moment I’m taking a coffee break) chamfering the business end of all those pins. Ten molds in all and 58 pins. Who would think such a simple task would eat up so much time.

I was hoping to get this batch of molds shipped a week ago. Instead I’m in the shop instead of fishing on another weekend.

So why aren’t YOU fishing right now.