Sunday, January 22, 2023

I’m Starting to Enjoy Fishing Again

Some of you may know I had a bit of a funk.

I had gotten to the point where work and other things were overwhelming me. I didn’t even think about going fishing unless somebody asked me, and even then I often didn’t go. In all that time I had one (1) fishing buddy invite me to go over and over, and he would invited me again even if I didn’t go the last time. I’m actually a bit disappointed if I am working through a weekend now and he doesn’t call me to get out for a few hours. I’m even actively thinking about how to rearrange my life a bit so I can get out on my own. More than just five minutes on the canal bank after running an errand in town.

I’m still not ready to start fishing tournaments again. I still don’t like fishing in a crowd, and I don’t have the boat for it right now. The Tin Can is technically tournament legal, but I’m not feeling it. Its getting pretty darn rough with all the abuse I have put it through. Maybe, I’ll fish a tournament or two after I put Whisker Seeker back in the water. Maybe not.