Wednesday, January 4, 2023

My Last Outing of 2022

My regular fishing partner and I hit the river on December 23rd 2022 for my last trip of the year. Just a few hours in the afternoon before the Christmas holiday weekend.


We didn’t slay them, but my partner stuck one fairly early on a greenish lipless crank bait. I threw a silver shad pattern 4-6 foot runner most of the afternoon. I don’t think I got a single bite on it. If I did I didn’t feel it.

I was the passenger, and my partner decided to finish up in one of his favorite spots. He always out fishes me there. Heck for most of the last year he has pretty much always out fished me everywhere. Anyway, I switched to a greenish crank bait and it wasn’t long before I stuck the one you see in the picture. Maybe 3 lbs. My partner said he thought it was easily over 3, but it was nice and fat anyway. I stuck a couple more, but that one was the biggest. They were all nice and fat like they had been eating well.

I don’t know if a green crank bait was the ticket, but it was all we caught fish on that day.