Tuesday, January 3, 2023

I buy old guns. Sometimes even broken ones.

I buy guns.
I am a collector.
I have an 03 FFL (curios and relics) collector’s license.
I even buy non functioning guns.

I am not rich, so I don’t typically buy premium high dollar guns. Sorry. I just can’t afford them. I guess I only collect cheap guns. Particularly old guns.

If you have something you would like to get rid of that you just don’t use, and you do not see passing it down then please just use the contact form on this website.

If its more than 50 years old and qualifies as a “Curio or Relic” you can ship (or have it shipped) directly to me. Generally if you are not an FFL holder you can ship long guns to an FFL holder through the mail, but handguns must be shipped through a courier. Most couriers will only ship for an FFL now. I am an 03 FFL holder.

If it is not a C&R eligible gun it will need to be shipped to an 01 FFL license holder that I work with. He will then log it in legally and transfer it to me with the regular 4473 and NICS check. He does charge me a small fee so I have to consider that.

If you are located in Arizona and are a legal Arizona resident we can meet up and deal directly on any firearm legal to possess. Shipping instate is also legal without FFL, but again hand guns can not be shipped by non FFL holders by mail, and most couriers will not ship for a non-FFL holder.

Thank you for looking. I hope you have something interesting that I can afford to buy.